Strain Varieties

Humboldt Seed Company is the leader in specialized Cannabis breeding and strain development. Our breeders take great care in maintaining and improving strain quality. All of our seeds are free of solvents, pesticides, and herbicides. Our seeds are bred by experts on our farm in Northeastern Humboldt County, CA and are guaranteed to produce at their highest potential.

Humboldt Seed Company Blueberry Muffin Seed Pack

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds can be great for an experienced grower since each plant yields unique characteristics. After germination, you may get both male and female plants. This strain may also be good for Mother plants as plants produced with Regular seeds are typically hearty and strong. You should consider your growing experience, growing location, target flowering time, and desired amount of yield when selecting this strain.

Humboldt Seed Company Feminized Lemongrass Seed Pack

Feminized Seeds

Our breeders have ensured that our Feminized seeds will be mostly female. Feminized cannabis seeds are bred without male chromosomes. This allows the plants to produce resinous flowers that are desired by most growers. When feminized seeds are germinated, there is no need to monitor for male plants.

How to Germinate Seeds



There are many ways to germinate cannabis seeds. Below we've outlined one of the more user-friendly ways to germinate your seeds. Cannabis seeds require water, heat, and air to effectively take root. The most common and easiest method for germination is to use paper towels saturated in water.

For this method you will need:

• Two clean plates
• Paper towels
• Humboldt Seed Company Seeds

Step 1: Take four sheets of paper towels and thoroughly wet them with bottled water. The towels should be fully wet but shouldn’t have excess water dripping.

Step 2: Lay two of the paper towels on the plate. Then, put the seeds at least one inch apart and cover them with the remaining two sheets of wet paper towels.

Step 3: The seeds need a dark and protected space, take your second plate and flip it over to cover the first plate (similar to a dome).

Step 4: Your seeds need to be kept warm (70-90°F).

Make sure you check on your seeds regularly. The paper towels need to remain moist. If they appear dry, you can mist with water. After these steps have been completed, it's usually several days before you start to see the seed take root, depending on your strain. You will see the seed split and a single sprout appear when the seed has germinated.

The sprout you see is the tap root, which is the main stem of the plant. It is important to keep this area sterile. Do not touch the seed or the sprout as it begins to split.

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