Limitation of Liability

We request our clients check local regulations before making any purchase on our online store. As clients they must know:

According to the Vienna Convention of 1961, the possession and commercialization of cannabis seeds in Spain is not a crime. Nevertheless, the cultivation of cannabis may lead to administrative and criminal sanctions according to article 25.1 of Organic Law for the Protection of Citizen Safety and article 368 of the Criminal Code.


The cannabis seeds commercialized by Viridivia Group S.L. are for their collection, decorative uses and/or genetic preservation and shall be sell under the condition that they are not used by third parties against the Law. From Humboldt Seed Company™ we do not want to incite anybody to commit illegal acts and we advise our clients to be responsible for their future acts, as Humboldt Seed Company™ is release from all liability when the product leaves their store.

The descriptions of the products sold at come from specialized catalogues and books published in countries where the use and/or cultivation of cannabis is not forbidden. The descriptions are merely informative and we cannot guarantee their reliability or accuracy. Although their effects may be mentioned, this is not a product for human consumption.


There are many differences among countries regarding the regulation of cannabis seeds and it is really important to check current regulations in the area where the product is going to be delivered. Viridivia Group S.L. will not sell or distribute their products in countries where the possession or trafficking of cannabis seeds is illegal and we have never authorized third parties to distribute their products in countries where trading with cannabis seeds is not allowed. Nevertheless, if someone ends up buying the product from a country where it is not allowed without knowing about the local laws, the company shall not be liable for the possible legal problems which may arise.


We only sell our products to users above 18 years old.